“I want a different Italy. I would like it to be more welcoming”giuseppe

Without being rhetorical, Giuseppe is truly a hero of our days, giving his time and energy to help those in need. For helping immigrant workers in Rosarno he even got threats and is criticized from a part of the local community. Thanks to his engagement and the help of his fellows life becomes a bit more bearable for those immigrant workers who are collecting oranges.


mary-epifania“I want to work, but with dignity.” 

What has become of all the rights which workers in the 70ies conquered ? When and why have the unions lost their power ? When managers say that Italian workers are those who work less in Europe they don’t say that Italian workers earn much less than in other European countries.
Mary’s dignity and courage has impressed us strongly. As a true mother she is fighting for a better future for her son.



“Italians value food more 
than most people in the world.”
There are many who think Slow Food comes from some anglo-american country. They are wrong ! It is purely Italian and it started to oppose the culture of Fast Food. The university of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo is an example for Italian excellence and Carlo Petrini, with his passion and charisma, created a global movement who shows that yes, you can make politics through food and change the life of people.



“It’s not just that I don’t like it.
 This stuff shouldn’t be on TV.”
Lorella, a real special woman. Since more than two years she is traveling around the schools of the country showing her documentary “The Body of Women” to raise awareness. Hard to admit that we are all responsible for this collective brutalization – responsible because we just switched channel once we saw how women were represented or worst – we liked it. Not so Lorella, she has not just switched channel, she turned our conscious on and focused on a critical view of our television.

 quello che manca sempre più alla nostra società.



“Politics needs to reconnect with the issues of everyday life and culture”
Hard to resist to the carisma of the governor of Apulia who transformed this southern Italian region, giving opportunities to the young generations and investing in green energy. Incredible that in Italys often considered conservative South, a openly gay man was able to win the elections twice and is one of the hopes of the national italian left.


 padre-fedele“A tree that falls makes more noise than a forrest that grows”

The idea of church we like the most, far away from the dogmas of the Vatican and the business of San Giovanni Rotondo. On a rock in the Gargano, we found this monastery open for everybody who wants to take time for himself to reflect and find advice.



“We are like lepers.Left alone in this war.”ignazio-cutro

When we went to visit Ignazio, he thanked us for coming, because, as he says, there are not many who come to Bivona in Sicily to meet him and his family who is basically almost living in isolation. The reason ? He reported the threats he got from the Mafia to the police and he refused to pay protection money. So in Bivona he is considered like a traitor.


loredana-simioli“My six year old daughter thinks Naples has always been like this.”

Maybe irony wont change the world but it surely helps to make it a better place. Loredana represents everything you can imagine when its up to “Italianity”. A open smile, an intense and clear look, moving easily from comedy to tragedy. An actress with temper who fights the waste problem with the “rubbish forecast” on TV.



“Leaving for me it’s the equivalent 
of a desertion.”
For sure the grandfather we all would want to have. The kind of grandpa who can give you advice on any kind of doubt you might have, able to open our eyes thanks to his enormous culture, experience and wisdom. He never stopped accepting the status quo and speaking up in the name of many finding the right words.


Francesco Pascale
“People in Campania want to recycle.”
So much propaganda and so much ignorance when its up to the rubbish scandal in the area around Naples.
Francesco is trying to change things, as an environmentalist for Legambiente and as an engineer working for a recycling company.


claudia-d'aitaItaly can’t pretend that 
all this never happened.”
Claudia, together with Enrico Sgarbi and the artists of Alterazioni Video had the great idea to transform the unfinished concrete monsters of Giarre, close to Catania, into a tourist attraction. They organized the Festival of the Unfinished Sicilian Architecture. It shows that art and intelligence can create something new even when it comes from horror.


 carla girasoleOur only aim is good government.”
What impressed us immediately when we first met Carla Girasole, the mayor of Capo Rizzuto in Calabria, was her maanger-like approach to mafia related issues. Good government is her mission, but doing so in Calabria is no easy task. Burnt cars, threats with bullets and anonymous letters did not stop her and her administration to fight for the respect of the law and against the Ndrangheta mafia.



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